Dis-sat-is-fact-ion…is a popular feeling within us all…

Yesterday was such a wonderful fun and blessed day I got to share with my mom. It is not every day that you get to speak (even if just for a moment) with Hugh Grant (Hugh Grant…’nough said) and Marc Lawrence (screenwriter/director). The two well-known humans are so interesting, I only wished I could talk with them long enough so that I wouldn’t be nervous and the conversation would relax and become easier.

What I noticed is that both seem somewhat defeated by their careers, neither feeling that they have much to show for it. Which to me is so strange, not the feeling, but that they feel it.

Hugh (in my observation and opinion) has been consistently harshly criticized in his roles. I agree with a wonderful statement Marc made about Hugh, that he takes these roles (often created by Lawrence’s writing) which are seemingly uninteresting because they are real, he creates characters whose stories could be that of our neighbors’, characters who are imperfect, who have growing and learning to do. These characters tend not to have any abnormal or standout-ish quality about them other than that there is something missing in their lives, there exists an uncomfortable tension within them. No wonder why his movies are harshly criticized… they hit close to home. They are able to touch upon people’s individual reality but the difference is they get to resolve themselves, leaving us feeling hopeful and happy…which in reality resolve is much harder to come by.

I think it takes quite a person to embody these types of characters, and I am thankful that Hugh continues to make movies with his friends. He confirmed that he really does not feel like acting was his true calling, and that he has not found something to fill that gap…he has been known to say that “acting is just a career he fell into”. Well, Hugh, you fell very nicely.

It was refreshing to hear the two friends (Hugh and Marc) complementing one another…it was kind of adorable…they may be slightly in love (with the exception that Marc is happily married to his college love).

I guess in an odd way it is comforting to know that even (and maybe even more so with successful people) dissatisfaction is a feeling we all experience.

I am blessed to know God, who fills me up when I feel empty.


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