Genie in a Bottle “Bay-bay”…Gotta pray the “right” way

Good morning God! Good morning word press,

As I sit here drinking my cup of coffee, and watching the snow fall. I’m thinking about how God’s presence becomes more and more real in the simplest daily operations of my life as I draw closer to Him.

Today he’s made me chuckle a bit, because technically I prayed for a snow day, but not because I wanted to sleep late and stay in bed all day…and also not because I wanted to get up early and be super productive all day (although…productivity is very much welcomed). The silly, somewhat superficial reason I wanted a snow day was to be able to get up early to wait in line for tickets to attend the premier/special showing of the film, “The Rewrite” starring Hugh Grant. The writer of the script is someone I am a rather big fan of…in fact I noticed that I’m probably a fan of the duo as some of my favorite Hugh Grant films were written by the writer, Marc Lawrence. So anyways, that is my confession, but I’m not ashamed, after all…I got that snow day! (tech. a snow morning, but it accomplishes what I needed it to)

What makes me laugh is that a friend from church made a comment that called into question a feeling many people have about praying, and that is what to do/why pray when you feel like it is a one-sided experience. I think this feeling is most often active when you treat prayer more like you would treat “making wishes”. God is not a genie, and I think sometimes our expectations and wishes for our lives cause us to forget that. God is our Father, some things we want and pray for he will answer and open the doors in our lives to help us bring about the results we are looking for and what we want to happen will be taken care of…other times he says “no”. We want so badly to hear yes all the time, that when we are perhaps hearing no, we think, “oh, guess he’s not there”. He also often says, “wait”. Now, majority of the world would agree Americans in particular are not blessed in the waiting department. We have one track, “this is what I want and I want it now” wired minds. I think it is so important to remember our expectations are not usually realistic, and that prayer is an exchange of control, it is in prayer that we are doing our best to give our troubles, worries, joys, and successes over to the care of God so he may use them as HE wishes! (not the other way around šŸ™‚ )

hmm…maybe we are the genies! šŸ™‚ šŸ˜›


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