Quiet Moments

“These quiet moments with Me transcend time, accomplishing far more than you can ever imagine.” (from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young)

As a child I was always known to be somewhat talkative and kind of loud. Okay, let’s-be-honest, I haven’t changed THAT much, I’m still talkative and somewhat loud (sometimes). I loved singing and performing the scenes of my favorite movies, I would work my way through my entire wardrobe in a day, and leave it on my bedroom floor not realizing how much work I was creating for my mom…oops. I was constantly moving from one idea to my next, and yet quiet moments never made me squirm either.

I used to observe my mom often, in the bathroom as she would get dressed every day, at church as she would sit and listen to what our priest had to share about God that day, as she drove us from here to there, as she cleaned the house. If I wasn’t observing my mom I was observing the movies I loved to watch. How the characters walked, how they moved and looked around at the world that surrounded them. Maybe all this watching made quiet time something that I was able to enjoy from time-to-time.

I remember I used to go on “nature walks” just outside our condo, In this time I would be alone, I would feel the wind rush through my air, chilling my childish cheeks, filling my lungs with fresh coolness, and stretching the corners of my lips away from one another creating a smile of pure peace on my face.

What happened to this idea of spending quiet time with my wonderful God, who created such beautiful things in this world, as simple as the cool air breeze in fall and spring.  Now we live to check our phones and computers, starting our days with iMessage, gmail, or facebook…moving onto twitter, instagram, hulu, and netflix…wordpress. 😛

Why has it become so difficult to be still and simple for just a moment. God does not ask us for much…perhaps we all need to remember how we were when there were less things to distract us. When we had to work more to create entertainment in our days, maybe you were not a child on a nature walk, but we could all use a refresh button sometimes. So go ahead, find yours. Live fully by the quiet moments that give us a recharge. 🙂


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