Things Not Said

I see love all around me, I see struggle, and I see pain. Too many people never say what they mean, keeping it all in. Exhausting themselves, and the people they love. Other people run away from change…breaking trust, and even worse hearts.

If we could all learn to just live in each moment, take each moment like a wave: As waves come into shore you must decide how to deal with it, sometimes you do a bit of a jump to avoid the break, other times you dive to go under it, or allow the wave to pick you up and glide along with it until it passes and still other times you race it to shore allowing it to sweep you up and carry you further, bringing you to solid ground. 

Have you ever noticed that those who trust themselves and the behavior of waves, have the most fun at the shore? It is those people who know how to respond and even more important know when not to approach that we should notice more often. We are all capable of these instincts. We just need to start paying attention to them.

…if we could live like this, can you imagine just how much our lives would change?


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