Being Tired

Being tired makes everything so much more difficult. It particularly tends to sneak up on me out of nowhere and then I do things like forget my groceries at the store, or back into a car in my drive-way (okay…this only has happened once, but it’s a fresh wound), or snap at a friend whose just trying to make conversation, be a little too blunt and make a bad impression around new people who are pretty cool folks…

Being tired. Sucks. Plain and simple. You can’t meet knew people when you’re tired, it’s so embarrassing cause they are meeting you when you pretty much feel at your worst. And, most of the time, acting like you aren’t tired…doesn’t work. Maybe you can fool yourself, but there is no doubt that people’s behaviors change when they are tired, no matter how hard any of us try and fight it…

Being tired simply makes it harder to communicate with your own thoughts/feelings and especially with other people. I also find that patience is the first thing to go out the window and the next item to set up camp is anger (and/or sadness depending on the person), which creates a rather unpleasant person to be around! Once people become aware of their tiredness I think we hope that just having the awareness alone will contain the problem at hand, but it hardly ever works out that way. Bad impressions are created, and once those are made it’s hard to escape them.  


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