The foolish things I remember

I remember our last kiss (tech. two). I thought it would be just one more of many. We were driving up a hill and coming to a traffic light. You said to me, “kiss me, before we arrive, just in case we can’t really say goodbye”, and I followed your directions…although it was awkward because where we sat in the car driving upward on a hill. It was quick, and let’s face it. Not good. lol

Then we arrived to the parking lot where I would be picked up… by my mother. (I apologize now for not getting around to telling her before so that saying goodbye would have been a little easier.) I did tell her though. In the next day or so.

Anyways, we pulled into the parking lot, and no one was around, I got a second chance for that send off kiss. The kiss that tells someone, I love you, I’ll miss you, I’d rather not go a day without seeing you…a hug that implies no need to worry, we’ve finally arrived.

How weird it is that every time I drive into this city now, I think of this goodbye. Who knew it’d be the last kiss, who knew I’d fail at my promises.

It often feels like a foolish thing to remember, an even more foolish thing to feel, but no one really controls their thoughts, and definitely not our hearts.


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