Sweet Home…New York!

So, I am back from China. Arrived at the scheduled time of 11:00pm on June 6th, where I was warmly and energetically greeted by some of the wonderful people from my church. It was a wonderful way to arrive, with a welcome back sign and balloons as well as birthday cake and balloons (as my 25th birthday was celebrated first in China on June 5th 🙂 )
New York welcomed me home with a wonderful weekend full of love and sunshine, and progressed into a decently productive week. Finally made a day trip to Ithaca for the first time since my sister graduated from there. It was a little too easy to forget how blue a sky can be while I was in China.
I’ve taken to describing the difference like this: Think about those laundry commercials which advertise whiter whites and brighter brights…well…the U.S. is like that compared to China. 😛
The people I got to meet in China were incredibly and the language, mind you while very difficult, was really quite fun to learn a bit here or there. I hope to go back one day when I can speak Chinese more fluently.
Being home as already had it’s stresses, but it’s summertime! I’ve started to run each day, and it feels both horrible and awesome! I’m officially going back for year 2 of my graduate program, which comes with the perk of having access to a pool this summer. 😛
And my summer job with the educational opportunity program begins in a week!
Things are pretty good, of course, this is the easy part of the year. The next couple of months will definitely be used to prepare for the hell ahead of me! 😛
Here’s to a wonderful summer, and being home in the right time-zone!
Welcome back, me 🙂


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