Living like a 3.0

Ever feel like you’re living life like a 3.0? A 3.0, a B, average, acceptable, passing. Afraid of dropping below a subpar line that you’ve set, “whatever you do don’t drop below a 3.0”, because a 2.blank well that means trouble, feeling like a train-wreck, tired, depressed and an overall feeling of being trapped in a ditch with no strength to climb out of it.

The question is, how do you change?

The answer is, you pray. You pray like your life depends on it because you’ve come to a point where you realize…it does. You grow tired of not believing in a power greater than yourself, and you know trying to keep everything in your control… always falls apart eventually. So you let go and you listen as God picks you up and carries you through the mess you’ve created by living life like a 3.0.



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