Oh How the Mighty Can Fall…more than once.

Life events happen, and leave a young child feeling relief because “at least things can’t get worse”. They go through life, make mistakes; make the same ones more than once and make different ones they never  thought they’d make, either way they make them.

Then one day they wake up and find out they are all grown up. Feeling leveled out, organized and ready to be the person they’ve decided they want to be or maybe are meant to be… and then, things go wrong.

Feeling disheveled all over again, questioning who they are and if they are good person or good enough for the life they want. Wondering, is there more than this rotten circumstance they’re meant for?

All that is left to do is hope, although some days that’s not enough to keep you from hiding from the world. It is safer alone, no one can hurt you and you can’t hurt anyone.

Oh, but how false that is. We are most dangerous to ourselves.


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