Accepting Shortcomings

Sometimes I feel as though I have uncountably many shortcomings, and perhaps I do. But the reality is that they don’t matter. My weakness as an individual does not come from these shortcomings alone. I am a mess of a person most often when I obsess over these character defects; I give them too much power and meaning, and I allow them to take over who I am.

Our shortcomings do not need to define us. If we can understand them, keep them in their place, and learn how to manipulate them to work in our favor, that is how we become strong. We discover our strengths by overcoming our weaknesses. However, I do not think our defects just dissipate into thin air when we overcome them. I think that they go dormant, until we are tested again, and again, and again. Each time looking to discover what we have retained; what we learned and remembered about ourselves. Will we make the same mistakes? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. Accepting mistakes, accepting shortcomings, accepting who we are…well perhaps then we’ll see we remember more about ourselves and how we work. Just maybe then, we’ll feel strong and successful.



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