Broken Promises

Broken Promises

Close your eyes
I know you remember
The feelings of that night

Tears streaming down
As you tried to hide your face
Slid down behind you, in that wooden half rocking chair
And I held you

Told you I’d never hurt you
Promised to never leave you
Made promises I was too young to keep

But promises that were deep
Because you meant the world to me
Asked you to stop fighting it
To believe me

And you did

We crawled into bed
Turned down the lights
And finally I held you for all the night

Our first kiss
Was worth the year-long wait
I expected you to be so brave
But you were nervous
Do not worry
Your heart was not alone in that race

One month in
When you got sick
I got scared
When she wanted back in
You said no, but I didn’t know
Although, I shouldn’t have needed to be told

Then the lights went so low
So quickly
Burning into
A shadow of what we were
For only you and me to know

What happened to the stars
Well I chased them all away
And caused a lot of pain
The night I lied to your face

After all this time
I didn’t really know
The promises I broke
Still burn

But there was love
Real and true

The love there

For me
I know

…not you.


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