Being in grad school is a choice. When you make the decision to spend a few hundred dollars on applications and give the time to writing your essays; explaining why you want to further your education and why you would be an asset to whichever program you wish to be accepted to… it’s all apart of the decision that you made to sacrifice the next 2-5 years towards being a student.

I talked to friends who chose the grad school route who gave me the advice of being sure of my reasons for going to grad school and understanding all that we sacrifice for it. Other people our age will start jobs, careers, lives…buy houses, get married, travel, and we’ll be students. Killing ourselves and sometimes our health day and night just hoping to get the next set math problems done and done right before 8am on Wednesday. Then after 2 years, instead of hoping to get a set of math problems done it will become that we hope to solve something no one else has thought of, something that is meaningful and original…and we try to do this all while feeling that we are far from meaningful and original ourselves. This is the sacrifice we make because 5 or 6 or 7 years from now when we finally have that PhD, we expect that we will feel meaningful and original; outstanding, and special.

But will we? will I?

I don’t know.


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