{The Real Pay Day}

Like anyone else I am grateful for literal “pay days”. They relieve the stress of being able to financially get by. Today was no different of a pay day. I arrived on campus and after sitting through my own class, was pleasantly surprised to find out there is more money in my account than the day before. My second thought however was, God, the REAL pay day will be when I have my PhD degree. Nothing else matters anymore. My world has shifted, and while I am willing and working towards shifting with it as it moves quickly, I am a little bit scattered and unbalanced. It’s as if I was a can or bottle of soda, and someone shook me …I’m kind of feeling like a big explosive disaster.

To explain to you why I feel this way I could go day by day nearly hour by hour and explain to you my reactions and feelings to everything has happened but instead I will just list the highlights.

1) I missed my first grad level course because I overslept (and it is only the second week of school).

2) I went to my professors office hours for help and he made a comment which basically made it clear that he thinks I didn’t attempt the work before seeing him.

3) My Monday’s go from 6:00-6 (when I wake up on-time) and after my meeting with my head instructor for the class I am TA-ing for the department office was closed and I had to go to staples and pay out of pocket money to print quizzes for my class…(on paper that is wayyyy tooo fancy and wayyy too expensive)

4) On Tuesday, I was overtired and under prepared for the class I teach and my students probably thought, “wow this girl has no clue what is going on”

5) I drove home with my class notebook and folder on the roof of my car (including a completed HW assignment I had to redo this morning because it was due this afternoon)…and did not notice until after 1 hour of being home and having lunch/dinner (very late lunch)…it was too late in the day to worry about going back to campus to look for it because I had a huge assignment for a different class to work on.

6) accidentally sat on and broke my glasses when I was taking a 30 minute break from working on my math hw at 8:30

The insane day ended eventually. Today was like the calm after the storm. Today was also the first pay-day. …but let me tell you…I can’t wait for the REAL pay day.





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