You gotta fake it til you make it…NOPE!


Be honest: we’ve all experienced those moments procrastinating on facebook (or a social media network of your choice) when we’ve been inspired by some random photo or post which catches our eye.

Two days ago I had the revelation that I have been misunderstanding the idea of “faking it till you make it”, and “acting as if”…

“Fake it till you make it” as well as “Act as if” can be a bit misleading. It is possible that one may interpret this to mean, try to be what you think you should be (or want to be), and then some day you’ll get there. Some day you will reach your goal (whatever that goal may be).

However, when I replace Fake with Faith all of a sudden the big picture has changed, and the well-known phrase takes on a new meaning.

[Now, this new meaning and interpretation is a personal/individual one, and while some of you reading this may share the same thoughts or feelings as I do, this is all relative opinion (just to be clear).]

When I replace the well-known saying with faith it helps me to remember that if I put my faith in a power greater than myself and do the next right thing, then the next right thing will happen. It does not promise me when I will get there, or even where “there” is, but just that I will make it.

It is up to me to believe that “there” is a place I will be happy and satisfied with.

Having faith till I make it means I need to let go of needing to be in control; for someone who is a list maker, this…can be quite a challenge. Ever wonder why God doesn’t show us a preview to our life?

Think about previews for movies…

I am thankful God doesn’t show us a preview. If He had we’d have so many expectations for ourselves! And what if we didn’t live up to them?

Imagine how unhappy you would be if you LOOOOOVED the previews to your life-movie and then once you’ve seen the whole feature…in comparison, it sucks.

Also sometimes previews give away too much information, or worse they show literally all of the good moments and then when you see the whole picture you realize, the parts they didn’t show in the previews stunk and overall the movie goes on top 10 least favorite movies, and you realize you wasted 2 hours of your life seeing it? (isn’t that always a bummer!?)…and instead of feeling you just wasted 2 hours, you would feel like you wasted your entire life!!

So have faith that the end result will be a good one and then start living for today, for right NOW. Start accepting yourself for exactly who you are and where you are in life. It is only when I accept everything about myself, that I am able to feel as though I am moving forward in my life. When I get caught up in comparing myself to others or even to my own man-made expectations of myself, I feel stuck, unsatisfied, afraid, and downright miserable.

Faith it till you make it! 🙂


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