I’m K. In 2013 I graduated with a bachelor’s in mathematics and jumped immediately into a graduate mathematics program where I struggled immensely in maintaining the balance necessary in order to keep from falling flat on my face.  I was blessed with so much support by my university, but still I could not seem to handle the stress and decided to push the grad school pause button (before truly “failing”) in effort to build back up some self-confidence and self-worth.

You would think being accepted and financially (and academically) supported would have provided me with all the confidence I needed, but no; it actually just made it ever more clear that confidence and faith in yourself must come from somewhere…something else. Fast forward a few years and after having a solid, decently paying, “career” as a private high school math teacher I still felt like the biggest failure every…single…day.

Now, about 6 months post leaving the job I was miserable in, I am finally learning that confidence in Jesus is what we need to find confidence in who and what He made us to be! And THANK YOU JESUS for His grace, for His skillful planning, for His specific purpose for us, and thank you Lord for shining the light on it all…because we still would probably miss it!

I am currently working in a restaurant and substitute teaching and for the moment have no defined “career” goal. Despite this I know I have never been filled with as much hope and have had as much confidence in the FACT that there is a wonderful and specific plan for me and my life!

We as humans will constantly find ourselves in new situations filled with struggles, frustration and pain…but also with eagerness, passion, learning, and victories!

So it is on these inner daily struggles and victories, that I have been inspired to continue this blog I started. I know I’m not the only young adult out there who feels regularly imbalanced, inferior, and somewhat crazy a lot of the time! Here I will try to express and share my thoughts and feelings by; throwing away the negative, focusing on the positive (looking to Jesus!), and reaching for knowledge, understanding, peace, happiness, stability and overall success.

Thanks for being a part of my journey! 🙂


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